Thursday, April 17, 2008


Brag Alert! Five...

1. It will be 7 weeks tomorrow!
2. I put on a pair of pants that I couldn't even get on a while ago and they fit me better than they ever have!
3. I have met my first goal of straight jogging for 1 mile! (which is a lot for me!)
4. I have more energy. wait. could it be that energy drink with 80 mg of caffeine? nah.

5. I feel better.

p.s. you will never read here about how much weight I've lost.
I threw out my scale.
I'm going just on how I feel.
and how my clothes fit.
besides, you'd get dizzy from the roller coaster ride.
maybe not never.

Also, something funny Jensyn said at dinner. I was telling her that she was going to go to bed early (since she was whining and crying) and she exclaimed:
I was LOL.


The Jorgensens said...

That is so awesome Shelby! I am with you...and most women...I hate the scale. I have not thrown mine out yet, but I would love to! I have been so sick and so I thought for sure I had lost I GAINED 4 pounds...what the crap? Anyways, I am very impressed and motivated by your dedication!

LL said...

i too am impressed and motivated by your dedication!
WAY TO GO!!!!!
nothing better than the tight pants becoming the cute fitting pants! keep it up

Christy said...

You are an inspiration. Go Shelby, Go Shelby, Go Shelby...! Keep it up.

Lisa said...

I think that if my kids heard that quote by Jensyn, they'd be using it all too often. Maybe I'll put that one up in my house to remind me--"Are you acting like a stepmother?" No offense to all the great stepmothers in the world, of course!! Also, way to be motivated in exercising! I'm impressed and inspired!

The Jorgensens said...

No offese taken Lisa LOL!

By the way Hi!

kelly said...

I knew there was something extra hot about you the other morning!
I think you're smart to just go by the way you feel, because in the end that's all that really matters.

The Curtis Family said...

Congratulations! I think your committment is amazing! I hope to follow in your footsteps.


Emily said...

great job shel!!! i'm so happy for you! nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels!(i stole that)

Candy said...

YOU ROCK! Keep it up.
You are my inspiration.
now I need motivation, or someone to just plain come and kick my lazy A out the door.
That's an invitation.

Maureena said...

I'm very impressed! Good job Shelby.