Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today I went to Paradise. Bakery, that is.
Of course it was awesome (especially the lemon poppyseed muffin, YUM!), but the company was even better! Kelly and her sweet little boy. He calls me "chebby" or "chubby" which is nothing new! I have been called lots of things along those same lines. My favorite one was a looooong time ago when the babydoll "Shelly Belly" came out. I can still remember the jingle because it was sung to me many times a day back then:

"Shelly belly, Shelly belly,
your belly's made of jelly.
Shelly belly, Shelly belly,
your belly's made of jelly."

Ha, ha. very funny. Luckily, it didn't leave a mark on me or anything like that. I hardly even remember. It was only like 25 years ago!

Wednesday 5...

1. 5 o'clock and my husband walked through the door! Yay!
2. 5 dollar Little Ceasars pizza. (pizza! pizza!).
3. -can't forget the breadsticks!
4. Landon's soccer game tonight, with my hubby!
5. Finding my ipod!

p.s. Priscilla has left the building!


kelly said...

So 5,000 times after we left Paradise, Beck says, "Mama? Chebby nice." "Mama? Get muffin with Chebby." and on and on.

And you reminded me of a thing kids used to say to tease me..."Kelly, Kelly has a fat belly cuz she eats a lot of jelly."

Your daily illustration is cute.

The Jorgensens said...

mmmm. I love the Paradise bakery. I had never been there until Laura took me for my first time. Good stuff.

Yea, you don't hold on to anything do you? LOL I love the song. I think we all have one about our name. Holly, Holly, fat and Jolly.....yea I, like you, don't rememeber or hold on to things either :)

Candy said...

I'll take Shelby, Kelly, or Holly anyday.
Why my parents named me Candy, I'll never understand. Lot's of nick names from that.
And a lot of references to strippers?
I thank Eric Bowles, those of you who know that cute boy, who is now a man. For being original in calling me Bubbles. However that may have derived from Bubble Gum, who know.

LL said...

i miss little ceasars!!!
my name was also painful. in fact, my brother to THIS DAY, calls me LARGE. nice. it's Laura people!
i ALWAYS laugh when I read your blog, keep em coming!

Rachel said...

So cute. 2 year old speak is the best. It melts everyone's hearts.
BTW. I often listen to High School Musical by choice AND sing along :)

Amy said...

well, at least he's not calling you chubby because he's intending it that way. that little voice is so cute you can't hold a single thing against him. i can just hear him "chebby". you should hear him say "amy". he said it long before i even thought he knew i really excited in his realm.

Amy said...

that would mean existed - sounds like i'm some child molester. oh my, i need to end this.

Katie said...

For me it was "katie katie big fat lady:)"