Wednesday, June 4, 2008

rain or shine!

so it's another rainy day and my kids are a little obsessed!
They eat, drink and sleep baseball!
They are a little worried about the rain, though. They REALLY want to go to Cherry Hill.
Jaxon asked me-'What if it never stops raining?' and I promised him it would. Now I need someone to promise me!

I guess while they're busy, I'll go snuggle up and finish my book!
rain, rain go away...
p.s. If you're wondering where Jensyn is, she's resorted to the garage, playing dolls with friends. Whatever works!


Amy said...

i'm wondering if we're EVER going to get to go to Cherry Hill too! I haven't even bought our passes yet because really, what's the point? and how many weeks from now is it going to be nice enough to spend the day by a pool?

Candy said...

I LOVE the rain, the smell the freshness...curling up in a blanket too- ahhh! So now that it's been a day or two, the sun can peak through anytime now to WARM US UP.

ps. Thanks for racing with me... so glad you caught up! ;0)

Grandma Scott said...

Those boys live, eat and drink baseball. I am so glad they are exicited about it and they are good at it too. It is fun to watch them play. I am really tired of the rain and we need some sunshine.

kelly said...

Maybe the rain wouldn't bum me out so much if I went out and played in it.

Nancy fancy pants said...

did you get rid of your trampoline?

And I'm tired of the rain too. Elisabeth was crying this morning asking why it had to rain so much during "her" summertime.
"It's not fair...." she whines...

I agree!