Monday, June 2, 2008

2 "graduations"

Jensyn "graduated" from Kindergarten
and Jaxon "graduated" from 5th grade...

Here she's singing "I love YOU" and pointing right at me! It was soo cute!
Receiving her diploma! My angel girl is growing up! and headed for all day first grade!
This is Jaxon with his buddy Braxton!
I actually missed his program because he told me it was 9:30 instead of 9. I was pretty bummed!

Five on a Monday:
1. sleeping in!
2. taking the summer off of work! yup, that's right! I'm taking the summer off!
3. planting pretty flowers and pots.
4. work and then play. My kids will get used to this if it takes all summer!
5. Ben and Jerry's. I'm discovering all the wonderful flavors. Our favorite last night: "Chubby Hubby"-so good!
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The Jorgensens said...

Very cute pictures of your kids! Isn't the end of school so CRAZY, yet so fun!

Have a great summer....!
Stay cute and cool, Call me....LOL

Candy said...

Sounds like fun. Jaxon is growing up so fast! He is a cutie. So is angel girl.

NO WORK and ALL PLAY...makes for a really, REALLY FUN DAY!

Maureena said...

I'm jealous about the NO WORK! Live it up!

5Whittiers said...

Oh my gosh that is so cute! Jensen looks just like you! Like you have a cookie cutter. I like the sleeping in part!

LL said...

i'm sure I've asked you this before but HOW do you get her hair to curl like that? Emily told me she uses the flat iron, do you do the same? She's such a cute girl.

Nancy fancy pants said...

I love the way Jensen sings. She was over here yesterday singing to High School Musical on our PS2 mics jam'n to the music. She was so cute. Putting her whole heart into what she was singing! So cute.
Yeah, and I hear ya sista! On the whole work then play thing. I'm trying to instil the same work ethic in my kids..... to no avail.
It's a hard thing to try and be consistant when I've never been consistant in it before.
But fo sho it's something I'm determained to teach my kids this summer. Today's a great day to start ... cause it's rainy and cold outside ... we're stuck inside all day. And I have about 6 buckets overstuffed with clean laudry ;D My kids are gonna love me today!

Anyway - you're so cute, Shelby!
And I'm so jelous that you get to sleep in. Jacob has been waking my up at 5:30 AM they last 3 days in a row. Talk about wanting to give him back!!!!! j/k...

Shelby said...

Laura, yes it's the flat iron, my favorite way to curl her hair!