Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Lately my kids are fascinated with hobos.
They ask me 20,000 questions about them.
They want to know everything from if they have a car
to why they don't go get a job.

Jaxon mentioned that when he turns 16
he will help them get jobs
and buy them a house,
or an apartment.
sweet Jaxon.
Entrepeneur at heart.

I think this all started
because they saw lots of homeless people
via the Bees game last night.
They are very concerned.
Are they worried we will end up on the street?
Do I tell them we can't afford stuff too much?

Speaking of the Bees game.
I scored them 4 tickets 4 rows behind the dugout!
My sweet friend from baseball, Tammy, gave us them for free!
Thanks Tam!
They had a ball, (no pun intended).
But I forgot to give them the camera :(

Tuesday Five...
1. Free tickets! What a sweet treat. BTW Jensy and I went to mom and dad's for ping pong and then we came home and made paper dolls. Her new obsession! I quite enjoyed myself!
2. Having a roof over our head.
3. Paper dolls. My grandma always used to make them with me. I feel like I'm passing something down from her to my daughter. Love you Grandma W. miss you.
4. Ping pong! What a fun thing for my mom to have! We had so much fun! Grandma beat me, two out of three. I've got to get in some PPP (ping-pong-practice)!
5. Cherry Hill. We are getting a lot of use out of our passes. I'm so glad the kids got them for their birthdays! Thanks Grandmas! It's a great way for us to beat the heat!


Candy said...

What a cute simple thing to pass down to Jensy.
That's what it's about!
I'd LOVE to see you and your mom playing some PP!

LL said...

FUNNY! my kids have some odd obsession with Hobos too. Sadly, they're calling each other HOBOS.
Cute all star picture!!!