Friday, June 20, 2008

First Kiss question...

(Landon) Mom, when was you and dad's first kiss?

(Jaxon) Landon, when they were first married.

yeah, right.

Shawn has been telling the boys
they can't kiss girls
until they're married.
He's one to talk!

I just had to laugh at Jaxon.
He's so trusting and believing.

1. a work-free summer!
2. lemonade stands.
3. snow cones.
4. going barefoot.
5. eating watermelon outside.


LL said...

i don't get it--
did you guys actually kiss BEFORE you were married?

cute little Jaxon. keep him that way!!!

Candy said...

That's so cute. Do they know if they kiss a girl, she'll get pregnant?
LOVE your five.
Now, that's summer!