Thursday, June 19, 2008

elephent in the blog?

Is it like the elephent in the room on my blog now?
No, it's just BlogHer ad network!
Most of you know that I quit my job...
so every little bit helps, right?! Right.

We are full on into summer now.
I feel like I'm running around in circles
with places to be and things to do.
I knew this summer would be crazy
and here I am in the middle of it now!

Thursday Five...

1. "Cucinas" with two great gals. It was a nice break in the day for me! Thanks ladies! I just heart the avenues.
2. Easing into our summer schedule.
3. N. princess telling me I'm not the boss of her.
4. My new book "I heart you, I haunt you". Different, but good.
5. Anna Nalick's "Shine".


kelly said...

I had fun too! You are always a bright spot in my day.

The Jorgensens said...

Ok, so what is with the elephant and what does it do for you???

I didnt know you QUIT QUIT your job, I though just for the summer!


Amy said...

shelby - i had so much fun today too. thanks for coming!

LL said...

SHELBY, how do we support you with your new source of income. Does it help that I check your blog ALL THE DANG TIME? Hope so!
Love that you have the summer off with your kids, what a treat.
Our kids aren't out of school yet,(we have an issue with snow days in these parts) so I'm still not feeling the whole "summer feeling".
Enjoy that busy schedule...summer always goes too fast.

Rachel said...

Oh the second birthday lunch hun. To funny. Congratulations on quiting the job, enjoy not having that always hanging over your head :)