Monday, June 9, 2008

All Star update...

Landon made the All Stars! (smile) We got a call Sunday night from his new coach. Landon is ecstatic! We still haven't heard anything for Lincoln (frown).

Monday Five:
1. 80 degrees! I laid on the tramp today and soaked in the sun and had a little nap! Two birds with one stone, I'd say!
2. A new scrappy tool called "The Squeeze". It's an awesome die cutter!
3. My sister, Natalie, is coming on Friday from Idaho! I'm excited because it's been a while.
4. Kids playing outside ;)
5. Jumping with Lincoln and showing off my backflip!


The Jorgensens said...

Congrats on the All-Stars! That is great.

I have to laugh at your 5. Trampolines are my worst nightmare! I won't go into details, but after having a couple kids, they are not my favorite thing! I would LOVE to see your backflip!

Candy said...

Landon- you SUPER STAR! Way to go.

Shel, You can still do a backflip?

LL said...

FUN...more baseball for YOU!
i too am impressed with the back flip...what a cool mom you are!

Maureena said...

Congrats Landon!