Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't be jealous...

So Lincoln had his first All Star game tonight.
13-2. (for us!)
The team looks so sharp!
Everyone did great.
My favorite part is that Lincoln HAS to wear his pants high above his socks.
It's the cutest thing ever.
I think he loves the old fashioned look, like a tribue to babe Ruth or something,
but it's so dang cute.
And that way we can always tell where he is, because of course, he's the only one!
He definitely has his own style!

So the part I don't want you to be jealous about
is that
tomorrow we have two double headers!
1 p.m.
3 p.m.
5 p.m.
7 p.m.

Good news: They are all at the same location.
Bad news: It's supposed to reach a scorching 100 degrees!


Friday Five:
1. Fun coaches.
2. When Lincoln looks at me from wherever he is on the field to make sure I'm watching him and waves at me. It melts me.
3. A HUGE bag, like we're talking my HUGE Chery Hill bag full of treats for tomorrow!
4. A squirt-bottle/fan/mister for tomorrow. (Shawn laughed at me). We'll see how funny it is tomorrow!
5. I don't have to miss anyone's game!


Candy said...

AH, take some fun pics of the kids play'n ball so we can see.
Get comfortable. 100 degrees. You better just wear your swimsuit. I'm sure no one will mind. Fun to have a HUGE bag of treats. Don't forget to 'flock' your kids with sunscreen.

Emily said...

I'm jealous! A saturday full of baseball....there isn't much that is better than that!

kelly said...

Candy has a great idea there. You could totally take this opportunity to get a nice tan.
Please do it! It will make for such a great post.
Please be the mom laying out in her swimming suit at the kids baseball game!
I'm giggling just imagining it!
Fifty bucks. I'll give you fifty bucks to do it!

Rachel said...

I love baseball. I love the kids in the uniforms, the thrill of a base hit and the cheers from the crowd! Seriously, isn't that what summer is all about Little League baseball.
Stay cool, make some shade and drink lots of water. It helps. If your going for the tan, wear the two piece, you'll have all the moms talking :)

Christy said...

Reminds me of the good ole days, except I was the one playing the double headers. Good times! Hope you enjoy the games.

The Jorgensens said...

Good luck with all those games!

You are a "baseball MOM" for sure!

LL said...

i'm totally LAUGHING at Kellys idea. how funny would that be. did it go? are you dehydrated and burned? how are the players? poor kids, can you imagine how hot they must be out there in uniform.ugh.
it does sound like a fun day. I'm missing baseball already!