Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 to the 5


My Thirty-Five (about Shawn):
(deep breath)
1. His baby blue eyes.
2. His sense of humor.
3. His nickname (just that he's described as "the guy who overshares". I don't always love this, but we'll say today I do.
4. He is a very hard worker and takes on side jobs for our family.
5. He is kind.
6. He hardly ever says a harsh word about anyone.
7. He is always willing to serve and help others.
8. He is a good example.
9. He would do anything for me, and does!
10. He is always serving me and taking care of me!
11. He is a good dad.
12. He almost always says "yes" to me, which sometimes isn't good ;)
13. He is very supportive.
14. He is flirty.
15. He is fun.
16. He can be naughty.
17. He likes to spoil me and the kids.
18. He can't keep a secret.
19. He likes chick flicks.
20. He's not afraid to cry.
21. He has a strong testimony.
22. He helps around the house (especially the laundry!)
23. He's funny.
24. He can talk to anyone...about anything, which amazes me.
25. He wears his heart on his sleeve.
26. He lets me control the remote.
27. He talks in his sleep, which is hilarious.
28. He is first to say sorry.
29. He will watch scary movies with me, even though he hates them and hides behind things (i.e. curtains, blankets, etc.) and I love him for it.
30. He forgives easily.
31. He is smart.
32. He is good at math.
33. He's sweet.
34. He's hot!
35. He loves me!

If you read all of these, you must be bored!! Luckily, I'm a fast typer!
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Christy said...

Happy Birthday Shawn. Nice list of likes. YEP, I read them all.

Emily said...

you had me to the end, and maybe i am bored but i like your blog!

ps. happy birthday shawn!

Nancy fancy pants said...

That's so sweet, Shelby! Thanks for sharing! Happy B-day, Shawn

Candy said...

Bored I am not, whenever I read your blog.
About the scarey movies, I can just imagine him behind the curtain...mommy!
Wow, no wonder you hiding in the closet scared the Begeebies out of him, that must have really done him in!!!!
LOL ;0)

Candy said...


Holly said...

Happy Birthday to your honey Shelby! He seems like such a great guy!

Hydes said...

Happy Birthday Shawn, very cute post!!!

LL said...

i don't think I've ever met Shawn but I feel like i know him. Emily has told us some pretty funny stories....especially the part about how he likes to share stories, and you...not so much.
That makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

He might not talk bad about people at home but have you ever heard him talk about crazy eyed guy?
Rescue Alert Posse