Wednesday, July 9, 2008

from the parade...

kids anxiously awaiting
on his float for All Stars...
The look on Jensyns face when she
saw the shetland ponies...

Here he is, the man of the hour!

We had a fun fourth with the usual:
parades, barbeques and fireworks!

Five for the Fourth:

1. a water fight involving one husband (Shawn) and many kids.
2. pot luck, yummy spinach dip, salsa, salads, burgers!
3. lying on a blanket watching fireworks light the sky.
4. salt water taffy at the parade.
5. A 7-year-old grinning from ear to ear atop a float.
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Heidi Sue said...

How fun! I bet that Lincoln loved riding on the float. He looks so cute.

The Jorgensens said...

How cute is that that they are in the parade! What a proud mama you must have been!
Your kids are so cute!

Rachel said...

So fun. That is probably NOT the last float Lincoln rides on.. Homecoming, football teams, more all stars. Oh yeah, its just the beginning!

Barnes said...

Lincoln is such a cute kid!! So glad that I get to spend 2 hours with him on Sundays. IT's always fun to hear his stories and what he's been up too.