Wednesday, July 2, 2008

you know what this post is about...

Last night I broke out the camera...
Finally! Some pictures of my all stars!

Lincoln's team has won all four of their games!
This means they will compete in the tournament tonight!
Possibly a double header, if they win!
We are so proud of their team.

Landon's team lost their final game, darn it!
Landon played awesome and has had a great time!
They are not finished, they compete in another tournament next week.
Also, teams B (Landon) and C (Lincoln) will play each other!!!!!!

For the record,
I absolutely LOVE baseball!
I love the game
I love the hotdogs
especially, I love watching my boys play!
It is a great way to spend our summer.

1. The Sandlot. One of our family's favorite movies.
2. Black under the eyes.
3. The crack of the bat.
4. Sunflower seeds.
5. 7 and 9 year olds running the bases.
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kelly said...

NICE pictures, Shelby!
I love the black under the eyes. Now all they need is some chew. (bubblegum of course.)

The Jorgensens said...

Such a cute post! Your kids are so cute.

The Sandlot is our favorite movie! Aaliyah and Ashie are always saying "Foreverrrrr" "Foreverrrr"

Go team go!

Emily said...

Such cute pic's of those baseball lov'n boys and their biggest fan!
You are the perfect baseball mom!