Wednesday, July 16, 2008

some fun at the park...

Today we had some fun,
at the park with pals
and a dollar movie-
"Horton Hears a Who"
~pretty cute.

Today was also my second photography lesson with Kelly
She is fabulous!
She also taught her very talented husband everything he knows!
The best part: I got to use her swee-eet camera!
The worst part: I had to give it back ;)

My Five:
1. Learning something new! and loving it!
2. Halfway through summer already!
3. The book I'm reading:
"These is my Words". so good.
4. Some alone time with hubby tonight.
5. More fun and swimming tomorrow!
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Heather said...

Cute pictures! It's about time you changed your blog. ha ha

Rachel said...

Time alone with the hubby could be dangerous :)
Nicely done on the photos. The boys are so funny... were those gangster signs :)

Sue said...

Sign me up for that photography class! I'm curious what sweet camera she uses. I'm trying to convince Justin I need a new one!

Nancy fancy pants said...

such a sweet picture of Jackson!
Dang - it seems like you're always at some sort of park...

You're awsome!!!!

The Jorgensens said...

I would LOVE to take a photography class! I love the pictures you took. I really need a new camera. We are on the lookout for one. I just took the girls to see Horton. That is a cute show.

Maureena said...

Very cute pictures.

AND, These is my Words is my FAVORITE book of all time! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

Candy said...

cute pics!
Lessons with Kelly would be priceless.
glad you had fun.

LL said...

i too am trying to convince my husband I need a NICE camera. Love your pics, how fun to spend time at the park with kids AND a great camera (along with a talented professional)!!!
love the picture of Jackson