Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ready, I'm Not!

Here he comes!
Jaxon and Geoffrey
His dream come true!

What. Was. I. Thinking?

My Five...
1. Saying yes to football, even though my stomach is in knots.
2. Photo lesson #3 with Kelly. Awesome.
3. White chocolate popcorn.
4. The boys washing Murphy with a hose. It's worth .75 cents!
5. Throwing a hat on. Good t'go.
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kelly said...

Today I am also thankful for white chocolate popcorn. Thanks for hooking me up!

Candy said...

You doll. White chocolate popcorn, how yummy is that!
Good Mama- Football- Jaxon will be so cute to watch.
I wish I was a fly on the wall with you and Kelly-- I bet you always have a ball.

LL said...

you'll love football.
and how cute is he all geared up.
McKay played one year and we only had ONE broken bone ;)
i'm all about BASEBALL! all the other sports are on Sunday in MA.
when I come to see Em, I would LOVE to see you...i'm just trying to figure out WHEN it'll happen.

Emily said...

Jaxon will be great. No worries. He has practiced enough, now he's ready for the game!!!! What a great resourse you have in Kelly, now maybe you can teach me!!!

Rachel said...

I'm totally anxious about football, I told Jake he can't play tackle until high school. It was quite the battle conversation. I'll let you know if things can't... but in the meantime, I totally understand the tummy in knots.
Send the white popcorn recipe, it sounds delicious.

Amy said...

those pics are adorable. nothing like a little boy in a football uniform. but i can only imagine how scary it is. good luck!

The Jorgensens said...

This is ONE of the reasons I am glad I have all girls. I don't think any of them will want to play football. :)

Heidi Sue said...

FOOTBALL!! SO SO FUN. This is our
3rd year.Look forward to it every year. You'll love it.

Heidi Sue said...

FOOTBALL!! SO SO FUN. This is our
3rd year.Look forward to it every year. You'll love it.

Anonymous said...

New post please! What are you up to?
I know I speak for all of us Smith Family Fans!


Anonymous said...

After 6 years of Football our only broken bone was from Soccer! Football they have lots of protection he'll be fine. -LM