Thursday, August 7, 2008

odds and ends...

I haven't posted for a week! That's just unacceptable!
This will be a quick update with pics to come later...

I am quite ready for school to start.
I finished "Breaking Dawn",
I am not ready to publicly express my opinion...yet.

Jaxon started football. He is doing GREAT! I am so proud of him.
One day he said he didn't like it, but that he wasn't going to quit.
The next day he was ecstatic about it again!
I told him to wait until after the season to decide.
He also got his braces off! (pic later) it was too dark and
I've recently learned that the flash is the enemy!

Landon is playing comp. soccer.
He has another tournament next week.
Their last tournament was last week.
They won 2 and lost 2.

Lincoln is enjoying his summer.
He has many friends that keep him busy.
He loves the wii (all the boys do)
He loves having "late nights"!

Jensyn starts ballet/creative dance tomorrow!
She is very excited, as am I.
I hope she likes it, but we'll see.
She's all over the neighborhood, just like I was,
from morning 'til night, playing with friends.

Shawn is busy, busy, busy.
He has been helping with a service project in the ward,

We're like two ships...

p.s. Don't hate me but...
I've been watching Sheer Genius! lovin it!
I just can't wait for the Olympics and, of course,
the new season of...quiet please...DANCING WITH THE STARS!


Christy said...

PHEW! That was a mouth full (or a screen full). You guys have been busy. Look forward to seeing those pictures and seeing your photog lessons at work :).

Holly said...

You have a wonderful life! I can't wait to see all the fun pics to go along with it!

Emily said...

What a busy summer you have had! Amen to "Dancing" and you didn't happen to catch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance did you?!?!?;)

Candy said...

sounds like everyone is doing well,
places to go, people to see, things to do.
NICE on the TV shows!
can't wait for cute pics of your kiddos.

Nancy fancy pants said...

I love how you ALWAYS say how proud you are of you're kids.

You're such a cute mom!

Nancy fancy pants said...

And BTW -
Football, soccer, baseball, dance? How do you afford all that gas?