Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jensina Ballerina...

Jensy June started her dance/ballet class today
she couldn't wait to show me what she had learned
and show me her "prettiest" poses...

I think she might be a natural!

Ballet Five...
1. My 6-year-old girl starting ballet!
2. My 6-year-old girl wearing pink and black.
3. Not believing I have a 6-year-old...girl.
4. Being in awe of her.
5. Relishing the moment.

and I want to remember
that her teacher taught her to pretend
that she was wearing a beautiful princess crown
and as she danced
she had to hold her head just right
so the crown wouldn't fall off.
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LL said...

SO SO SO cute. She does look like a natural. (so does your son) ;)
THe pictures of him made me LAUGH, he seems to be FULl of personality! Good times over there @ the Smith home.

Candy said...

What a DOLL that little girl is. Her personality on makes her shine brighter.
Nice photos.
I love the last one, and her hair is adorable.