Monday, August 11, 2008

Auntie Natty...

We are having so much fun with Aunt Natty,
she is a good sport.
She hung out with us on card Friday
and humored us!
We went to Cherry Hill today
and we are setting up her blog tomorrow!
It's so much fun to have family in town!

We kept trying to get a picture of Jensy kissing Natty, but she moved away too fast.

Monday Five:
1. Having my sis here. She lives too far away in Boise.
2. Eating fresh blueberries.
3. Cousins with magic tricks. My kids are amazed!
4. "Momma Mia". Natty and I went last Friday night.
It was AWESOME! (although I think Shawn would have killed me if I took him to it)
5. Sports, sports and now dance! It's not letting up!
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Emily said...

What fun t have your sister here! I hope you were able to sneak in a couple of naps together!

That doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean!!!

Candy said...

Nat looks SO good, she looks so young.
So glad you are having a ball. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

I don't ever remember calling her "Natty"! Was that something the kids came up with? Anyway, she looks great--how fun to have her in town!