Thursday, August 21, 2008

#22, silly and GOLD!

Jaxon's first football game was last Saturday!
They won 39 to 0.
Jaxon played awesome,
although he was pretty nervous in the beginning...

Jensy and her BFF were being pretty silly today...
and Landon won the gold! (first place in a Striker's tournament!)

1. Card Friday on a Thursday! We've officially changed to Thursday for the school year. Also, we will be travelling to Park City more often (every other week). I don't mind one bit checking in with the outlets more often!
2. Cleaning out the house for stuff to sell at a yard sale- a great way to dejunk!
3. My sister starting a blog! Now all you have to do is post, Nat!
4. Four more days until school starts, but I'm not counting down or anything ;)
5. A good cry. Because I went here.


Amy said...

thanks for that link to the site about Ava and her death. I read that post and then went to the Memorial site to read about her life and her accident. Tomorrow would be her 5th birthday. I was sad but also glad to read the story and remember how important it is to make your children safe by doing the little things. i'll be more careful about locking my car doors in my driveway.

Emily said...

ouch.i went there.

Grandma Scott said...

I can't open the pictures. The site about Ava is sad/

Christy said...

The pictures aren't coming up. Thanks for the cry. What a heartbreaking story and a warning to be more careful with things we might not always think about.

Candy said...

Warn me nex time, will ya.
Oh wait-- I guess I should've taken the good cry as a warning.

I can't read it. I just can't.

Love ya-- 1 day to go!