Thursday, January 31, 2008

these pics hurt. li'l bit.

remember that "binky boy" and "perma-grin"?, I gotta add those to the nicknames!
This was at the Dinosaur Park when we lived in Ogden. Notice Lincoln and Landon are in the background. Yummy.
Thanksgiving...2005? That's pumpkin bar(s) she's got all over her and in her hair!
This was also when we lived in Ogden. Look at Lincoln's mop of hair!

I remember taking all of these pictures. I love looking back... and ahead!

For today:
1. the way a smile warms your heart.
2. Belly laughs.
3. the flag half mast.
4. Dillon and Jake, for serving a mission and being a great example to my boys.
5. Brian Regan, the comedian. Ok. this guy is hilarious, and the best part: he's clean. If you want to laugh your guts out and pee your pants, check him out!
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Camille said...

They are so small and cute. It seems like yesterday. Doesn't it? When are you coming over?

Sue said...

I looooove Brian Regan!

Camille said...

Isn't that Brennan in the second pic over on the side?

LL said...

Have to agree, Brian Regan is our family FAVORITE!!!
Take Luck!
and CUTE pics of your kids-- looking back does hurt a little, they grow up SO fast!

Christy said...

A clean comedian...tell me more. Cute pics. The flag at half mast is a wonderful tribute. It is very touching to see.

Rachel said...

I love the look backs and the kids photos, I wish I would have taken more, it's never enough to see their cute baby faces.
I love Brian Reagan too!

Emily said...


Candy said...


I love those cute faces! It is fun to look back and remember, and yet still have your sights set on bright tomorrows. 5 yrs from now, oh how those kindergarten pics will be priceless as well.
Who is Brian Regan-- and how come most people know about him, I don't. Fill me in.