Tuesday, January 15, 2008

License Plate 5

1. So I was driving on the freeway today and saw a license plate that said "BADABNG." I felt myself speed up to see who this person was. I just knew the person with this clever license plate had to be cool...I don't know what I thought I could tell by just looking at him/her...
2. ...and then I saw a bumper sticker later today that said "God answers knee mails"! and I thought that was cute.
3. My parents have a personalized plate that says DJ DREAM. People have asked me who always wanted to be a DJ?!
4. I remember one Christmas when I was teenager, driving in the car somewhere with the fam, probably to my grandma's, and seeing a brand new, cherry red, convertible car in front of us with a young girl (probably 16) driving, with a big sign on the back that said "Love, Santa".
5. I drove a jeep (soft top) in high school/college with a license plate decal that was given to me as a gift (from Heather, I think, no suprise there, j/k you know I love ya, sorry, rambling, I'll stop, I can't stop. there.) that said "Sometimes I go topless".

-so, if you could have a personalized license plate, what would it be? Remember you can only have 7 characters. Mine would be:

for Shawn.


Emily said...


for Josh.

Im Hot

for me.

Heather said...

I think mine would have to say:

Rachel said...

Oh my, topless?