Saturday, January 5, 2008

Five on the Fifth

1. "The Great Debators"-excellent, two thumbs up!
2. "Hand and Foot"
3. primary activities
4. sour cream, I can't eat a taco without it, apparently.
5. goals.
So I went to Sam's Club today to get my go. It was very crowded and I waited patiently in line and then the stupid thing froze up and wouldn't work. I didn't have time to wait for another machine, so I left. Why are the forces against me?


Rachel said...

Try the online upload, no lines to the machine :)
btw, I didn't know I could assign out enrichment? How does that work? I'm the enrichment counselor and not crafty, do you want to come down in Feb and do something cute for our ward?

Grandpa/Grandma Scott said...

I wish you would be able to publish pictures again. I thought Kelly was going to help you with it. I wish I knew more about it and I would help you. It is fun to read your blog. Love it. But like pictures.