Thursday, January 10, 2008


I took about 80 pictures of us sledding (no joke!) but here are a few of the best!

the sm'acks...

Five for sledding:
1. steamy, hot chocolate with vanilla from 7-11 that warms your hands and your belly!
2. Three boys, who have no fear, safe and sound at home.
3. A little 5-year-old snow angel princess.
4. kissing cold cheeks.
5. starting the new year out right!



kelly said...

Now that looks FUN!
Sweet air shot.

Emily said...

We really, really, really need to do that again!!!

Rachel said...

No FEAR! Then again, your boys never did have any fear. Lincoln was riding a Bike taller than he was at 3 years old. Can you imagine what they will do at 12!
Oh Shelby, you've better have the first aid kit handy.

Heather said...


Katie said...

I love that family picture of you guys!