Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm back in the game...

...the blogging game, that is!

Kelly helped me figure out what was up with my camera and this memory card reader and ta da! It's working again! Yeah! Thanks Kel.

so I took a picture of Jensyn with her hair curled. My friend Liza taught me how to do it with a flat iron...amazing! I didn't know it could do that!

My Five...
1. Cutler's turkey and avacodo sandwhich on sour dough.
2. Post-it's.
3. American Idol!
4. Google reader.
5. Anita Stansfield's series "Barrington Family Saga".


Sarah said...

Haha so i just read your comment that you made on my blog a while ago. Yes, I did see the carnival "John and Kate Plus 8" and it was darling. I think I would go crazy with that many kids of the same age! And VCast is a music program that comes on some Verizon Phones that is pretty much an MP3 player. Its cool because you can download music like you would onto an IPod and you can either plug headphones in or listen to it out loud like a regular CD player. Its great! P.S. Jensys hair looks so cute! And i am going to read those Anita Stansfield books because I am always looking for new authors to read. Have you ever read anything by Josi Kilpack or Betsy Brannon Green? They are awesome too! Its mystery mostly.

Emily said...

Jensy's hair looks so cute!! And I'm glad you are enjoying #3, thought it was sooo good!

Sue said...

Are you trying to make me cry? I would seriously consider giving up an arm to have a Cutler's open up next door. And, yes, I'm an AI junkie! It's so good to get my fix after so long. ;)