Tuesday, January 29, 2008

biggest lie...

I was listening on the radio today about the biggest lie you've ever told. It got me thinking. A lot of you know mine:

I was 16, and I told my parents I was going on an overnight party with work friends, at my manager's cabin. I really went to Las Vegas with my boyfriend. I know, it's a doozy. I had a big set back then. For the record: I came home with my virtue.

so...do you dare to share? Come on. It will be fun. O.k. You can be anonymous if you must!


on a different note: My Five...

1. Jensyn telling me her bears name today: Rosie-Beary-sweet-pie-Smith. Wonder where she got that?!
2. Jaxon peeing in a chocolate milk container in the car, because he really had to go and I wouldn't get off the freeway. Jensyn told him "make sure we don't see it". I told him not to get any in the car. ("Don't get pee in the car"- a phrase you don't say every day)
3. being truthful.
4. not running out of gas when you're very afraid you're going to run out of gas.
5. new shoes or clothes smell.


Heather said...

Does saying I have a headache every night count?

kelly said...

In high school I told my boyfriend I took a bunch of pills because we broke up and that I had to see a shrink and that she told me that I needed him to say he didn't love me anymore so I could believe it was over.
All made up. He never could say it was over and we were back together by the end of the week.
Can you say CRAZY?
BTW that move is straight out of the psycho-girlfriend handbook!

Jessica said...

Awww.. Shelby! It is so very nice to meet you! I'm so glad you left a comment. I have just spent a good 15 min. looking over your blog, and you have the CUTEST family ever! Please come back and see me anyitme! : )

Christy said...

Having a party planned at my house, parents ended up going out and I told them the party was cancelled (no parents, no party was the rule). As soon as the parents left, the party was on! I didn't get away with it and was grounded for such a long time.

Rachel said...

Honestly, my mom saw through every lie I told her and spoiled any chance of getting into trouble during high school.
I don't think I ever told my parents about driving to Vegas while I was in college to go to a U2 concert with 5 other boys- I drove. Does it count if you don't actually tell the lie, but you live it :)
It seems Vegas is the root of all evil. And just for the record I also came home with all my virtues and all 5 boys went on to serve missions.

Rachel said...

whoa, Kelly that is a doozy!

Amy said...

Will we ever see the end to all of kelly's stories? I swear, everytime I think she's share dit all, there's something new.

My biggest lie? Oh my. I've told some doozies. And, people don't know this about me (actually Todd thinks that I am terrible - but that's part of the cover-up) - I'm FABULOUS liar. I NEVER get caught unless I'm ratted out. Dood, believe me. It's scary!