Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Witchy Witch

Gardner Village this time of year is...amazing and soooo much fun! You've got to go...(a yummy lunch, a little shopping and a few WITCHY WITCHES along the way!) I've decided, it's official, I am going to be a witch for halloween! I was inspired.

I thought I got such great pictures today, but I didn't. Oh well. Here they are anyway...

Jensyn wanted me to take a picture of her and her doll and Liza and her doll! She really had a great time. It has to be a new tradition.
About Halloween costumes, I told the kids I was not buying any costumes this year, because I always end up buying 3 of the same costume! in the same size! (spiderman, batman, etc.) and I refuse this year. So, I think Jaxon is going to be a U of U football player, "Brian Johnson", specifically. p.s. This is also what Jaxon wanted to name Murphy. (vetoed) Landon is going to be a vampire (easy enough) and Lincoln is going to be an injured soccer player (thank you Emily). Onto the matter of Jensyn a.k.a. naughty princess...she was all set to be Cinderella, (courtesy of a Ryanna hand-me-down), until I caved in when she said she wanted to be Dorothy! So I bought her a costume at TJ Max, along with some ruby slippers at Target. (I couldn't pass up the opportunity to live out a childhood dream!)


Christy said...

I have heard about the Gardiner Village Witch happenings from several people now. Maybe, I will have to take the girls over and see for myself. Looks like such fun!
Oh, and don't know if this helps but, I have never paid more than $5 for a costume and rarely even do that but, when I do it is either a DI special or I buy them new...and WAY cheap at Market Square. (Like under $1-3 cheap.) Hope that help for future reference.

Amy said...

we did that too! it was a lot of fun; so glad i heard about it form katie!

Emily said...

What a fun time we had!!! Your pic's are darling, you never give yourself enough credit!!! Thanks again for goin!