Wednesday, October 3, 2007

One thing I miss...and 7th heaven

I don't miss much about Ogden, but I do miss being nestled in the mountains. Landon's game today was at Mt. Ogden, at this beautiful park...

Jaxon was in 7th heaven because he was able to "ref" (hold up the flag) at Landon's game. He was soooo excited! He was Mr. Cool in his shades!
One parent from the other team was giving the ref a really bad time and almost terminated the game. It was so sad to me. (They're 8). They had to stop the game for a while and it made me sooo mad! I was proud of the ref though, because he was a young kid and did not let this jerk intimidate him. JUST LET THE KIDS PLAY!!!!

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Amy said...

i hope i'm never THAT parent.