Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mrs. Hoffman's Halloween party

Our little "Dorothy"! ... I helped at Jensyn's school party today. We played a game...Hallow-ingo! It was super fun! She wanted to wear the dress all day.

The boys all had a great day at their parties. Jaxon earned a citizenship award today and got a Target gift card! He bought football cards...(surprise).
p.s. 5 things:
1. Shawn, he gives the best back rubs.
2. Jaxon, he makes me laugh.
3. Landon, he's just so sweet.
4. Lincoln, he makes me smile.
5. Jensyn, well, she's just the princess!


Heather said...

That Dorothy costume looks darling on Jensyn. I'm glad it worked!

kelly said...

Jensyn is adorable.
Every Halloween, I slowly..bit by bit take candy out of their bags and hide it, till they forget about it, then throw it away. Except the good stuff, which I eat.
I just can't let them eat it all.