Saturday, October 27, 2007

more Halloween party!

Tonight was our ward Halloween party. Shawn and I weren't going to dress up and then at the last minute I said, I'll go as you and you go as me. So we did. It was actually a really fun party!

"Shawn", "Shelby", soccer player Landon, Cinderella, Soccer player Lincoln and football player, Jaxon.
"tetherball Napolean" (a.k.a. Josh) and "Shelby"
this was my favorite costume, "Where's Waldo"!!!
Injured soccer player
"Grandma"(a.k.a. Ethan) and football player...

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kelly said...

I am having trouble seeing how Shawn looks like you, Shelby! I need to see a close-up. He still looks like a dude.