Saturday, August 22, 2009


some of you know what mean little trick Santa pulled on my boys last year.
He brought them each a brand new skate board.
What's the trick?
It was just the board,
no wheels!
You see Santa knew the boys
and he knew that they would ride the boards in the winter,
and ruin them!
So the master plan was that the parents would buy wheels for birthdays in the spring.
There was only one flaw in the plan:
Wheels are spendy!!!!
well, the waiting ended a couple weeks ago,
and the boys are no longer taunted by that shiny board with no wheels.

And it's made for one heck-of-a fun summer!

p.s. Jaxon got wheels, also.
He was MIA during the pictures.

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Carly said...

Shelby you will have to bring the boys over to skate the ramp Mike built in the garage. Noah is loving it!