Monday, August 24, 2009

What they wore...


first, the princess.
2nd grade
she picked out this little number
(and I had died and gone to heaven!)

Landon is almost getting too cool for school!

He picked out a pair of shorts just like Shawn's,
you can't really tell but they are brown and white pinstripe...

and then the lincs...Third grade!!!!

He told me about two weeks ago
that his tummy felt funny. I asked him what was wrong
and he said he was just too excited to wear his new clothes!
he just knows how to get to me, this one...

They all love their teachers
and had a great first day!
I think it's going to be a great year.
p.s. Jaxon starts tomorrow.
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rochelle said...

I love the first day of school so much that I forgot to take my camera. I love their outfits! How did Jaxon like his first day?

Candy said...

and WHERE did you get that darling back for Jensy? She looks fabulous!

Rachel said...

Shelb, your kids look so great! And so big... why do they have to grow up. I've missed your blog, I've spent all night catching up. I miss you and your laugh. SO glad to hear all is going well.