Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reid School...Jaxon

Jaxon started 7th grade today!
He has to wear a uniform,
which I'm not sure how he feels about that!
and, as promised,
jaxon with his skateboard...

and the best part of my day:

I found this on my car as I came out of Famous Footwear...

I know I'm not the best driver in the world,
but I thought at least I could park a car,
apparently not.
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LL said...

OUCH! Obviously someone was having a bad day and YOU were the lucky one to share in their joy. I hope you laughed it off.
Jaxon looks so good, LOVE the uniform...

Candy said...

Shels- You are an awesome driver...don't let anyone ever tell you different. ;0)
HOWEVER some of my most favorite snorting and giggling moments are in your wing seat.
Great, now I can't stop laughing-

But I really meant to say ditto LL
There are some people in this world who have to put others down when they are having a bad day.

carrie said...


Jeff and I are both laughing. When I picked up Shane form school today I drove over a large section of curb in the church parking lot.
We got the "thumbs up" from more than a few of his friends.

Brandee said...

LOL!! Okay, I've thought that in my head before...I've even said it out loud a time or two...but to dig around for something to write on and finally resort to a napkin...somebody has some serious issues!!! :)

Pick a weekend (or a Sunday, since your Saturdays are crazy busy) to come on out - we can't wait to see you guys again!

By the way, I made your steak kabobs for my in-laws and they loved them!! Yum...now I want to make them again right now!