Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a little time travel anyone?

So, who has read this book:
"The Time Traveler's Wife"
Please tell me you have...
if not,
you must. (ok, it might not be for everyone, I just remembered this one part)

If you don't read,
GO see the movie!
and if you have read it
GO see the movie
and if you've already seen the movie,
then good job!

I cried.
Shawn cried. (shh don't tell him I told you)
Oh, who am I kidding, he won't care!!

I just need to know if it is as good as I think,
or if it's just because I LOOOOOOOVE
Rachel McAdams?!

I've loved her ever since "The Notebook".
What? You haven't seen it?
It's a must.
It's my #2 movie.

Oh no.
What is my #1 movie you ask?
THE WIZARD OF OZ. Please don't roll your eyes.
(it's very sentimental) and very symbolic I just found out!
And now...Time Traveler's Wife is #3.

happy five...
1. two soccer games today, both wins! Way to go boys!
2. Cutler's cookies. Milk chocolate, of course.
3. Grocery store hair dye. I can cover all my grays in the privacy of my own home! and there are many. (sniff, sniff)
4. races with my sister! (we work at the same company and see who can get done the quickest)
5. Burt's Bees chapstick. smells wonderful and also it's tinted!


Sarah said...

I tried to read the Time Travelers Wife and I had high hopes, but I couldnt get past the swearing and the naughty part on page 55, so I gave up. I LOVED the movie though. Beautiful. I also love Rachel McAdams. Really really great movie. I think Brandon may have even liked it :)

april said...

Read the book. Loved it. Do some traveling of your own and come see us!

kntrdowdle said...

I bet you do love the races with me because you always win "speedy fingers."

Sue said...

mmmmmm...cutler's :)

LL said...

I wasn't sure when I saw the previews, so not I'll add it to my list. THANKS!!!

kelly said...

seeing it tomorrow!

Candy said...

You read the book?
Todd never cries- we'll see about this one.