Wednesday, October 15, 2008

blowing kisses

Today when I dropped the kids off at school
and we were saying our "Iloveyou's"
Lincoln turned around
and blew me a kiss.
and I wanted to cry.
Is that wrong?
I wanted to stop time
or go back in time
and enjoy every minute with him.
I feel like I cheated him.
He was only 6 months old and I was pregnant!
I had two babies.
and he got the short end of the stick.
I'm sorry Lincoln.
I love you.

Is this why he pulls at my heart strings?

1. Yo yo's. Y are my kids fascinated?
2. Lincoln and Jensy drawing pictures together, his of spiders. hers of dragons with pink wings.
3. bike rides. This is on my list of beforewegetmoresnow.
4. batteries that recharge.
5. UEA. More about why I'm grateful for that...later.


LL said...

He's loved and he knows it. Good for you for being such a good mom. Six months old or four years old, we all feel guilt for our divided attention.
LOVE that he's blowing kisses, he loves his mom!!!

Holly said...

So cute that he blew you kisses. I was going to say what Laura said, but she always says things better :) So I just say Ditto.

Nancy fancy pants said...

You're so sweet, Shelbe. And I can relate!

SkidsKids said...

Hey shelby....its heather skidmore. im stalking you and a couple of other girls from HS. your family is darling btw, and i feel your pain. my boy was 8 months old when i got prego plus i was going to school. there was no time for him as well. but it all works out in the end! take care and keep in touch!

SkidsKids said...

shelby u r soooo sweet! i love this blogger stuff as well! im glad i found some people beside my family. i noticed we both have jaxsons(thats how i spell mine) so cute! take care! cheers:)

Emily said...

no guilt, just love.

Liza said...

You know that little Link pulled at my heartstrings the day I met him...dang it. PLEASE record his voice!!! By the way..since I'm new to the blogging world could you explain the "5" thing. Is it your top five of the day...five things you are doing that day..what gives..I must know. :)

Shelby said...

it's five things I'm grateful for...I picked five because three was so easy and I could think of three right away, but for five, I have to really think...