Sunday, October 19, 2008

not SNL funny...

but a weekend update all the same!

so for UEA Shawn's parents took the kids up to cache valley,
and for the record, it was their idea!
They jumped at the chance to sleepover, play in the treehouse,
ride "Jet" and go to a movie,
all of which they did!

It all started because we needed a sitter for a wedding at the temple on Saturday.
My cute cousin, Amber, was marrying her boyfriend of six years!
They worked really hard to get to the temple and I am overjoyed for her!
They had a yummy wedding breakfast at Tepanyaki!

The very best part was the temple sealing.
I am amazed by the look on her face as they were sealed together
for time and eternity!

Needless to say, I had a lot of alone time on my hands.
Shawn is very busy at work and working late
and I admit it, I played!
But by Saturday, the house was too quiet!
I missed them so much!

1. A Ben's cookie and milk for breakfast. (Milk chocolate + skim milk=perfect balance!)
2. First dance of the wedding couple to "It's Your Love"-Tim McGraw.
3. My aunt's smart car. We drove it before the wedding breakfast and it is too cute!
4. Red Box movies. That's what we did when I got the kids back, went to Red Box, got in our jams and snuggled on the couch and watched movies.
5. Freedom. The first thing Landon wanted to talk about as we drove home, was that he was worried about who our new president would be. He told me, with tears in his eyes, that he was worried that if the wrong person was elected, we might not have our freedom. That kid. I quickly put his mind at ease and explained it to him. I'm not sure what he heard or misconstrued, but I ached for that kid.


Candy said...

Great weekend update!
So glad you took time to play- you deserve it, any chance you get.
Love those kids of yours, and Landon, sweet Landon.

LL said...

sounds like a great weekend. and nothing better than WANTING the kids home.
glad you're all together

LL said...

and congrats to your cousin, that's exciting!!!

Kristi said...


It's Emily's friend, Kristi. Hey, I want to pick your brain about something. Will you drop me an e-mail when you have a second? Thanks so much!


Holly said...

That is great! Congrats to your cousin. Layne and I were sealed a year after we were married and it was an unmeasurable feeling.
I am jealous of your free time....I would love a day...just a day though.