Thursday, October 30, 2008

my little witch

Today was Jensy's Halloween party...
I am the room mom (finally, I'm able to!)
and we had a ball!
Here's my little witch...

Their graham cracker houses went from this...

to this!

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Today's Five:
1. Card day at mom's.
Always loads of laughs.
2. Eggs in a basket for dinner-
Courtesy of Shawn.
3. Rook.
4. Putting my foot down.
(with my kids.)
(sometimes they just don't appreciate)
5. moccasins.
yes. you know what I'm referring to.


LL said...

that first pic of your little witch is SO perfect!
FUn to be roommom, isn't it nice how much we can participate with the youngest.
She's a cute little witch and so were you (on Kellys blog)
Have a FUN day with the kids!

Candy said...

How fun to be roommom.
You go girl, put your foot down, now teach me!
Moccasins- oh, my heart.

Shill and Company said...

Thanks for helping out with the Halloween party. Ian had a lot of fun. Those houses were so cute!