Friday, January 23, 2009


not the singer, the color.
I love pink.
It's my favorite color.
But you can't very well paint your bedroom pink.
Unless, I mean if you're six you can. We painted Jensyn's room pink.
Today I got out my pink plates for Valentines day for my plate rack.
I put Hershey's kisses with caramel in the red heart cups, on top of the pink plates.
Why am I sharing this?
Because it made me happy.

What will really make me happy, though, is in two weeks when I get my nails filled.
I will have the tips pink. For Valentines.
It will drive my sister crazy.
But it will make me happy.

My Five:
1. Something to think about that doesn't really matter. Let me ask you a question. Is white a color? I'd like to know what you think.
2. White chocolate covered pretzels, white chocolate covered strawberries. You get the idea.
3. (This is starting to be about white, it's supposed to be about PINK! Oh well.)
4. Coming across Jensyn's hospital picture. Shawn knew to have the nurse put a little pink bow on her sweet, little head. How could that have actually been almost seven years ago?
5. My mom helping me make yummy, yummy salsa and guacamole!


kelly said...

Yay for delighting in the simple pleasures.

And I am of the opinion that white is the absence of color.

Rachel said...

I just converted to PINK.
There is something about having a girl in pink that makes me love, love, love that color.

Nancy fancy pants said...

Pink's my fav color too.
I wish it was allowed to paint my bedroom pink. I'd honestly do it if Doug didn't have a say...

Barnes said...

It sounds like I know where to come for a candy fix if I need one!! Pink is a great color especially at this time of year!