Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi 2009!

I won't bore you with my resolutions, but I assure you there are many.

We had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
I'm glad to be back to our schedule.

I'm looking forward to all 2009 has to offer.

Back to my Five:

1. My new purse and wallet. (It makes me happy when I see the soft, flowery inside of the wallet.)

2. "The Hunger Games". A good book, but not for everyone.

3. Apple Dumplings. Sinful.

4. Hooking up with old friends over the holidays!

5. A new, clean slate. A fresh start.


Candy said...

why did you remind me of Apple Dumplings...great! now I'm off to find my recipe. :0)
I hope 2009 brings a resolution to blog more so that all of us who love and enjoy you can do it more often.
Now we just need some warm weather right??

kelly said...

yeah, I was going to say that I hope you blog more in 2009 too.

rochelle said...

me, too. you are so adorable...we all want to hear from you more!

Christy said...

Yep, I agree with the ladies. It is nice to hear from you tell us more. :)

Nancy fancy pants said...

I've missed your blogging - glad you're back.
And I love nice clean fresh slates.
I need a lot of them!

Rachel said...

This December I was missing a good holiday party with Shawn. I'm glad the holidays were good to you.
Here's to the new year with new adventures.