Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well we all know about the "lemon fiasco", but as I was driving him home from school today I was thinking about all the funny things Jaxon says that I love. Like when he answers the phone he simply says "talk to me". and when I go into his room at night to give him a hug goodnight (no he won't let me kiss him very much anymore-tear) he used to say "I love you big girl" but I made him change that. Now he says "I love you baby girl".
Without fail, he puts a smile on my face every day.

now as not to leave the other kids out, cause that's how we have to roll:
Landon doesn't necessarily have "signature" things that he says, but he is honestly one of the kindest kids I've ever met. He actually has two shadows. One is his own and the other is Murphy. If both of them had their way, they would sleep together at night. It just shows how tender and sensitive he is.

This kid cracks me up with some of his words. He will say: "Can we please have a barbecube?" He is a charmer. He always goes the extra mile. He makes my bed for me sometimes to surprise me. He is very obedient. He is smart as a whip and sweet to boot.

One of my favorite things Jensyn says is when she says darling. She will say:
"That is just dar-lang", or "this is my best day mommy", or when she greets me with "hey BFF!"

kids do say and do the darndest things!


LL said...

"hey bff" that's cute.
it's so great to journal this funny stuff...

Heather said...

You forgot on Lincoln's what he calls fudge. What is it?

Shelby said...


rochelle said...

Shelby, this was so adorable! Thank you for helping us get to know your kiddos a little better. You are a great mom.

Grandma Scott said...

These kids are all fun and cute as bugs. I thought I was Jensyns bff. They all crack me up. Got to love them.

Candy said...

You're kids are like a rainbow of fun. And they all have they're "fruity flavors"
Hmmm- between you and Shawn how could you have not gotten personality plus with each of them.