Tuesday, December 2, 2008

did I hear brown is the new black?

I didn't think so.

so here I am.
In my browns.
for all the blogging world to see!

For those of you who don't know,
I am Shawn's "runner" for the holiday season,
which means he drives the truck while I "run" the packages.
(This way I will actually get to see the husby during the holidays)
We have been having way too much fun.
I'm so glad I did it!


Emily said...

i'm so glad you did it too! and i think you look smashing in brown!

Barnes said...

I LOVE it!! How fun to be the runner. You probably are working crazy holiday hours though. Have a Happy Holiday Ms. Brown!!

Christy said...

What nice hubby time you will get. Glad you are having fun. Nice photo! You look amazing as usual.

Anonymous said...

I have the hottest runner this year and all the guys are jealous. It has been fun having you by my side this year. She is the hardest worker and has done a great job!!!!!!:)

kelly said...

You totally ROCK that uniform girl!

You are without a doubt the cutest UPS "man" I've ever seen.

rochelle said...

Shelby! What a fabulous idea! I love that you are helping Shawn with his route, and GREAT picture, by the way. You are gonna run your butt off this holiday season, for sure. Enjoy it.

LL said...

Shelby. GOOD FOR YOU! What fun times together with the hubby. You look SO great, fun picture!!!

Holly said...

Hi Shelby,
Just stopped in to say hi and wish you a happy holiday! You are so cute! I love that you do this with your honey. And you do look hot in brown!
Happy Holidays!

Sue said...

Is it a bad sign that your box is upside down? J/K...you do look good in brown!

Candy said...

You are honestly the best!
Just think of all those stay at home Dads that are talking in the nieghborhood about their new way hot UPS girl. :0)

What a great experience for you two love birds.
Make sure to stay on task!
No hanky panky you hear me.

5Whittiers said...

Shelby that is so dang cool! And you look very cute doing it! :) What a great way to see Shawn!

Nancy fancy pants said...

LOVE it!
So cute!

Liza said...

I think this might be one of THE cutest things I have ever heard of (or read.) I love that picture of you.

Carly said...

AWESOME!!! You look so cute.

Lisa said...

Oh, you are the cutest UPS worker I've ever seen! The question is: will you do it again next year!?

Shill and Company said...

You look so darling! That sounds like so much fun to be able to work with your honey. I picture the two of you having all sorts of fun together. Remember, lift with your legs not your back. :0)