Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Ten Things I've Learned While Employed By UPS...

10. I never used to notice when people didn't shovel their walkway.

9. Some people are friendly and some people are not friendly. I prefer the former. (you know who you are Mr. Custodian at Bingham High School).

8. I have an extremely unhealthy relationship with Maverik. For example, Shawn loves this one item that is one extremely huge and thick hot dog wrapped in a croussant. I can't take more than one bite and feel good about myself.

7. I am not a whiner.

6. What I can accomplish and what I think I can accomplish are too very different things. I can do hard things!

5. You can get a whiff of someone's house, without them opening the door.

4. I've discovered three more "faces" of Shawn:
Work Shawn: Fun guy.
Wednesday Shawn: (the busiest day of the week at UPS): Not-so-fun guy.
Christmas Shawn: (Wednesday Shawn x10)

(you can't blame the guy, 250 stops in one day!!!)

3. I still do, and always will have, chivalry in my marriage (nothing over 20lb!)

2. My husband works very hard for our family. I truly appreciate that now. Hope this makes up for #4! You know I love you!

1. I used to love the color brown.

p.s. Number of times I've bit the dust: 3
Number of times Shawn witnessed said falls: 0


Emily said...

oh i love it! you still look great in brown, next week just try it with jeans instead!

ps.only 3 more days to go. you can do it!

LL said...

YOU are a trooper!

Nancy fancy pants said...

Wow - you are a trooper!
And I love how you're not a complainer!
And it's so cute that you work w/ your husband!

Christy said...

Experience is an interesting teacher, is it not. Keep the smile and hang in there...it is almost at an end.

Sarah said...

Hey Shel! I am glad you like your job. Who is your friend who has the etsy shop that sells the Twilight stuff? I cant remember her name. Can you send me a link?

Shelby said...

Sarah, the link is annieloudesigns.etsy.com pr the button is on Kelly's blog.

Shelby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Candy said...

What a great experience.
Just what you needed on your resume for life.

Do the homes smell good? Like cinnamon pinecones and gingerbread...if not...don't tell me.

The Curtis Family said...

So fun. I am really impressed with your spunk. Merry Christmas!


Sue said...

You are too funny! I can't wait to see you again...I finally saw Twilight.

Shill and Company said...

Wow, I never realized that you can smell peoples homes without the door even being opened. Very interesting tidbit.

Rachel said...

I was thinking about you the other day when a packaged arrived. You really are my hero! I hope I am always a home that smells good and has the walks cleared for visitors, especially ones bringing gifts and care packages.

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