Thursday, November 27, 2008

and gobble we did...


We are in Idaho with my sister and her family,

dinner was delicious,

one of the best Thanksgiving meals I can remember!

She is very gourmet!

and her husband made the rolls and pies! (awesome!)

Here are some pics...


Jensyn and sammy



Jaxon and Ryan

Natalie and Kevin

me and Shawn


my babe

Landon, Shawn and Jaxon

I can certainly and especially add my five for today:

1. a feast, including homemade pumpkin pie and fudge.
2. playing games and watching the youngest earn the first (and only) Yahtzee!
3. a safe drive.
4. good books to read..
5. my husband, my boys and my girl.


kelly said...

I am thankful for this post! I've been missing your blog.
I knew Natalie was a 'gourmet'! It takes one to know one. :)

rochelle said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your holiday. It is such a blessing to enjoy special time with family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel said...

Love the photos, you are becoming your own professional photographer. I've missed your blog too! You look beautiful and so the kids. The babe looks great too :) Happy weekend to you.

Emily said...

i'm so glad you went up there and had a great day! we threw a little turkey murphys way for ya!! have a safe trip back!

5Whittiers said...

Oh Happy Thanksgiving! I love that picture or you and Shawn you are just as gorgeous as always!! I am glad you had a good one!

Candy said...

Love ya!
Thanks for the post.
So happy you had a great time with your family and Nats.

Lisa said...

Thanks for finally posting picture of you and Shawn. Also it was great to see Natalie and her family--her boys are so grown up! Where does all the time go?!