Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi from Escondido!

We made it!!!!!!!

The drive down was so great. The kids were angels!
I don't want to jinx the ride home, but they were really awesome!

So my sweet mom lent me her laptop (thanks mom!) and my plan was to post daily of our trip,
but there is flaw in plan: no wi-fi at our place unless you pay extra, so...
we are visiting Shawn's brother today, hence my post.

I guess all my pictures will have to wait until we get home :(

What we have planned (in a nutshell):
Disneyland Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
American Girl Store, the Grove and Wicked on Thursday
Beach Day Friday
Head home Saturday.

Exciting since it is our kids first time at Disneyland!

Well I gotta go, just wanted to say HI! I'll post again if I can!


Sue said...

Ohhhh...I'm jealous! My kids are earning quarters to fill up our "Disneyland Jar" for when Justin gets home. I wish we were there now! Have fun.

5Whittiers said...

Sounds like so much fun! What a great time of year to go! Can't wait to see all the pictures give Mickey a big Kiss for me!

Carrie said...

My grandma lives in Escondido, I talked to her today and she was telling me how nice it has usual...I am so excited for your kids to get their first experience. We will be waiting for the updates with antcipation.

Candy said...

You guys are going to have such a fantastic vacation.

Carly said...

I was born in Escondido! Mike & I are heading there this weekend for a wedding. SO Excited! Have a great trip!!!