Monday, September 8, 2008


Big BS!
oh well.
A few important events
and one not-so-important one...

j. june lost her first tooth today!
This cool car was right in front of me at a light and so I whipped out my camera and shot a picture.
can you tell why it's so cool? Look close...

This is Jaxon on his first day at U Can Learn! He has a very nice teacher, Sara.

This week I am busy getting ready for our trip to Disneyland on Saturday!
Landon had a soccer game tonight in Ogden, they won 6-2!
Over the weekend, Shawn took Lincoln to the U football game, courtesy of aunt Dood! Thank you so, so much, they had such a ball! (and thanks also for the cool football, Lincoln takes it to school in his backpack and plays with it at recess!)
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Anonymous said...

kelly said...

You should SO own a car like that someday. How cool would you be?

Oh, and since that other guy did it...

LL said...

welcome back!!! you've been missed

Sue said...

Jensyn is too too cute! I have cute pix of her & Abbie that time we came to your house over Christmas. I'll have to post them.

Candy said...

hey, nice car. What color would yours be?
Jensy looks soo grown up.
You will have a blast at DL.

Holly said...

I love that car!

Love the pic of Jensy!

Have so much fun at Disneyland, I am jealous!