Tuesday, September 11, 2007


All of my kids have nicknames. I decided to make a list of all of them. I realized that some of them we only used when they were babies and some we still use or change as they get older. Nicknames make us feel special, somehow, don't they?

Jaxon: Jaxonian, Jax, Jaxy, cracker-Jax, Jax-attacks, Jaxon-son, JJ-smoothie, J-man, Big-J, J-dude.

Landon: Landy, Landy bandy, Landonbug, Land-rover, L-man, Land-O, Big-L.

Lincoln: Linc, Linky, Lincoln-log, log (I nixed this one), Linc stink, LJ, Little L, SUPERFLUDGE (how could I forget?!) Also, smiley and permagrin.

Jensyn: PRINCESS (this should be the first one! Thanks anonymous), Baby-Sister-angel-girl, Jensy, Jensy-Ju, Jensy-June, angel doll, dolly, dolly-pie, sweet dolly, dolly-girl, sweet baby girl, baby girl, baby-sis, sis, baby sissy, sissy, dolly-sis, brown-eyed girl, sweety-sis, Jensyn-Juniper-Lee-Jones, Juniper, Junebug, juneybug, juney, ju-ju, ju-ju bee, beautiful girl, beautiful sweet pie, sweet angel pie.....................What?!

(Heather, I know your rolling your eyes!)

(Kelly, thanks for the photog tip!)


Heather said...

Can Jensyn's list get any longer? Believe me there are a lot more than she listed.

kelly said...

Great pictures Shelby!
We have a few nicknames for Lincoln at our house, too.

Grandpa/Grandma Scott said...

I love the pictures of the kids. Now those are my cute grandkids and I love their hair. Much better than when it is combed straight up like a baby. Great pictures (you must have learned how to take off the flash) Now if you can figure out the date you will have it made. I agree with Heather, Jensyn has many nickmames that you can't print and aren't very flatering. She is either a monster or a love bug. I like her best as a love bug. Got to love her anyway. She is much better since school started. Love them all/

Grandpa/Grandma Scott said...

Forgot to tell you ---WE LOVE YOUR BLOG----Great job.

Emily said...

I am laughing out loud! Darling pic's! I want the trick! em

Emily said...

ps. you forgot superfludge for Lincoln, or maybe that's just at our house!!!