Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"The Granitelot"

It's typical for me to look out my window and see this lot. All boys from just our street out playing football. (The day after Lincoln's mishap, no less) ((Lincoln was two-touch only, no tackle, I made them promise, every one of them, with the scout promise)). It makes me happy that three of all these boys are mine. :)

There's: (big breath) Jaxon, Tanner, Tyler, Geoffrey, Landon, Trevor, Lincoln, Emett, Ethan, Sam, Jonas and Jason. Whew!


Rachel said...

Oh, I want to live on that street! Can we come and play flag football. I have two boys that each night are looking for some guys to wrestle with or most recently hunt bugs. Shelby, how fun that your lawn has become the haven for good down home boys stuff.

Amy said...

what an awesome thing! such fun to have lots of playmates in one small area! i had that as a kid in various areas and it was always so much fun!