Friday, September 21, 2007

Card Friday

Every Friday my sister Heather and my mom come over to play cards and have lunch. I look forward to this day every week! It's really fun because Heather lives up in Oakley and so this way I get to see her on a regular basis. (We are posing with our cards and diet cokes, of course!) It's super fun!

...side note: We were talking about kissing and Jensyn said to my sister:
Jensyn: "You married Ryan. That means you have to kiss him forever"!


Christy said...

So fun! I grew up with a card and game playing family. I wish they lived closer.

Jensyn is a wise little girl. I have enjoyed the little comments from lots of kids as of late. They are so full of zest and innocence.

Amy said...

what a great idea! it must be nice to know you're going to see them every week, like a pre-arranged date!

Katie said...

That is so fun. I am jealous that you have your mom close by. I miss mine so much!