Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(holds up glass)

Here's to a great year! (*clink*)

Landon, 7th

Jaxon, 9th

Lincoln, 5th

(chuckle) Jensy, 4th

The kids were soo excited to go back to school,
and I was soo nervous for some reason!
Luckily they all had a great day
and said they were going to LOVE school...
(they all got really good teachers)
and Jaxon is loving being back in public school!

I am loving:
a clean, quiet house,
and (of course) having naps again!
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Heather said...

CUTE! Cheers to school!

kelly said...

nap addict

Carly said...

What school is Jaxson at?

Shelby said...

Carly, Jaxon is at KJH!!

Candy said...

Jensy KILLS me!

Shill and Company said...

They are so cute. Growing up way too fast.

Heidi Sue said...

They have gotten so big!!!

Britt said...

your kids look so nice!! It looks like you have a wonderful family :) I don't remember ever wanteing to go back to school- at least your kids enjoy school and they have nice teachers!!!

Jenn said...

It looks like you have some really great kids..LOVE Jensy's diva pose:) a teacher you like is key for a great school year. You hae a really nice blog. Please take a minute to check out mine at http://www.twotinytyrants.blogspot.com/