Thursday, July 28, 2011

heart to heart (update)

we took Jaxon to his annual cardiology appointment today.
Great news...
Last year his heart was a bit enlarged.
This year it's normal-size!!
His aorta is a bit dilated, but still in the "safe zone",
(and the reason he cannot participate in contact sports).
His Cardiologist said his case is the "best you can get".
and I'll take it.  what a relief. 
No promises that he won't need another surgery,
but "unlikely".  (whew).

  (Jaxon in Spain, April 2011)


Heather said...

Good news! Thanks 4 sharing. Love you J A X O N !

kelly said...

such a cool pic of Jaxon in Spain!

carrie said...

Great news. I just assume that things are good. Jaxon looks healthy and strong. Motherhood is not for wimps!

april said...

two words: blog more.

actually here's a whole bunch of words:
come see us in cali or we will stalk you on fb and text you non-stop till you call the police.

for reals.

Fancy Nancy Pants said...

Hi Shelby! We've got to get together! I miss you!