Friday, February 25, 2011


i've missed you blogging world!!!
I'm ready to jump back in...
I realized I can't let these precious moments go by
without capturing them!
so let's take a look back,
quite a ways back to last May.
My Jensy June was baptized.
I just saw these pictures today...and well...
the world stopped and went back to that day.
Her special day.
I am so lucky to have her.
She is a beautiful girl
and she had a beautiful day. 
take a look...


Grandma Scott said...

This is the cutest ever. I have missed your blog. I hope you keep it up to date. They are the cutest kids and a beautiful example for any family to follow. I love you all so much. Grandma Scott

Heather said...

You go GIRL! I'm glad you're back. SAWEET!!

Christy said...

She's beautiful like her Mommy. Congrats Jensyn...a little late but hey. You guys look happy. Hope all is well. Hope to get sneak peaks a little more often :)

kelly said...

annnnnnnd.....she's back.

LL said...

I almost emailed Emily last week to ask about you. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! always have. Please come back and stay.
Love the baptism pictures...your dress is beautiful and your daughter is gorgeous.
Keep em coming!

Shill and Company said...

She is the most beautiful girl inside and out. Loved all of the pictures.