Friday, July 30, 2010

it's tomorrow!!!

This is Kelly's boutique!  Everything she does is amazing and this will be amazing amplified!  I will be selling notebooks and cards!  It is located at Gallery Photography Studio in Bountiful and check out the blog for a complete list of vendors:

See you there!


Rachel said...

nice... after months of no blog you post one that makes me sad that I couldn't go.... btw funny story, you were in the back talking to someone and my little sister and mom wandered in... you happened to be talking about my other sister (But thankful it was all good stuff). My family has ears everywhere :) Love and miss ya!

London Diamonds said...

Nice work. great blog!!

Rachel said...

Sheb... where did you go? I miss your humor and your funny blog posts.... I miss you.

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Nancy fancy pants said...

miss you tons! Every time I walk by your old place... I get so sad! Love you!!